Naples, 9-13 September 2019


Pareti Dipinte. Dallo scavo alla valorizzazione

organized by A. Coralini

In 2019, the International Conference of the AIPMA (Association Internationale pour la Peinture Murale Antique) will come back to Naples, on the occasion of its XIVth edition, organized by the MANN, Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Naples, and by the University of Bologna, in collaboration with the Centre Jean Bérard. As proposed in September 2016 during the General Assembly of the AIPMA in Lausanne, the XIVth Conference will focus on the critical reading of the documentation and on the valorization of the synergy between knowledge, conservation and communication. The perspective adopted wants to be multidisciplinary, in order to give space not only to archaeology and art history, but also to archaeometry, restoration and diffusion of the results. The challenge is to highlight the “backstage work”, in order to illustrate the dialogue between archaeology and archaeometry, art history and restoration, documentation and communication. All proposers are therefore invited to focus on this aspect of your work, characterized by the convergences and complementarities between different approaches, where different methods and techniques have  contributed to a common goal.

The target is a transdisciplinary conference, rich in stories where the skills of the archaeologist and the art historian are coupled with and strengthened by the skills of the experts from other sectors: archaeometry, archaeography, conservation and restoration.

In line with the objectives of the conference, the contributions presenting and integrating the results of a teamwork will be particularly welcome. For any further information, request or question feel free to contact the Organizers through our mailbox or through our Facebook page:


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