Dear Colleagues,

We had the great pleasure and honor to see you participate in the thirteenth conference of the association in September in Lausanne.

Under the title Pictores per provincias II – Status quaestionis, this conference, echoing the meeting of Avenches 1986, elaborated upon regional and thematic overviews, and made more precise our understanding of the pictorial production of various regions of the ancient world, from the Greek era through the Roman Empire. The conference overall was a time of reflection on the scientific achievements of recent decades in the study of ancient murals.

It is now time to draft the final versions of your contributions for the acts, which must be submitted by January 31, 2017, a deadline beyond which no items will be accepted. We remind you that this deadline, imposed by the officials at Antiqua, where the acts will appear, is the guarantee of a rapid publication, scheduled for 2018.

Please find below the editorial standards and Apelles list of regular abbreviations. We thank you in advance for adhering strictly to these guidelines in order to optimize the efficient editing of texts.


Detailed Program and abstracts

AIPMA 2016 – Programme et préactes


Editorial standards for the acts

AIPMA 2016 – Normes redactionnelles et Posters

AIPMA 2016 – Complément aux normes rédactionnelles

AIPMA 2016 – Apelles_liste abreviations revues

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