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International Conference: La pintura romana en Hispania

Waiting for the XIVth Conference of our Association (Naples, 9-13 of September 2019), another important conference will face the same themes, which confirms the importance and centrality of these issues.

We are pleased that the choice of the AIPMA assembly in 2016 in Lausanne has been shared by the colleagues promoting the conference "La pintura romana en Hispania", to be held in Cartagena (Spain) the 25-27th of April 2019, at the Museo Teatro Romano de Cartagena. The call for papers is open until the 1st of March 2019.

The sessions planned are:

- news concerning the Roman painting of Hispania

- from literary sources to archaeometry

- new technologies applied to the recording, the diffusion and the study of Roman painting

- valorization of Roman wall painting

Download the provisional program in Spanish, Italian and French

Download here the registration formular in Spanish, Italian and French

For more information please contact Alicia Fernández Díaz (

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